Monday, 26 August 2013

A Fond Farewell to Clacton Outlet

Farewell Nextra-terrestrial - Allan Hassell - Centre Manager Clacton Outlet
Nextra-terrestrial says 'Thank you for a nexcellent stay!' to Centre Manager Allan Hassell, Clacton Factory Outlet
What an emotional day it has been! After a non-stop last-night party, we'd hardly finished cleaning the hop-scotch chalk marks off the paving when it was time to leave ... Oh how I have enjoyed my stay at Clacton Factory Outlet! Centre manager Allan Hassell came across to say farewell, and I was able to thank him for such a nexcellent time and for looking after me so well.
Nextra-terrestrial giraffe sculpture transported from Clacton Outlet to Colchester Zoo
My ride to the transporter - I'm hiding the tears in my eyes!
 I had tears in my eyes as I rode to the transporter on the little green machine - the same machine I had arrived on all those weeks ago, not knowing what a wonderful time I was going to have!

Netra-terrestrial giraffe greets friends
My friends! What a lovely surprise - hello Five Winks!
But then - what a lovely surprise! My giraffe friends - and my especially great friend Five Winks!
Nextra-terrestrial en route to Colchester Zoo
Away on the neckst stage of our adventure ...
 Although my tears still ran down my long neck, it was a great comfort to know we all felt the same - and we quietly spoke together about the nexcitement of returning to Colchester Zoo. There will probably be another party tonight! Good job we giraffes don't need much sleep ...

Thank you for a most nexcellent time, Clacton Factory Outlet! On still moonlit nights, when the humans are away, I'll be back ... do leave some onion rings out for me please!