Friday, 20 September 2013

Farewell, Stand Tall!

Nextra-terrestrial giraffe in line prior to Stand Tall Auction Colchester
Nextra-terrestrial - in line with my friends prior to Auction
Yesterday evening it was time to say 'Farewell' to the Stand Tall summer! Together with my dear giraffe friends I stood in line in the auditorium prior to our auction. Oh what a great party we giraffes had had the previous night, and what emotional goodbyes had been said!
Nextra-terrestrial giraffe says farewell to Allan Hassell manager Clacton Outlet
Saying Farewell to Allan Hassell, Centre Manager of  Clacton Factory Outlet, my sponsor
It was lovely to see Allan Hassell again, I had such a nexcellent time during my stay at Clacton Factory Outlet and so many wonderful visitors and memories to cherish.
Nextra-terrestrial giraffe appears at auction
Nextra-terrestrial appears on the turntable at auction
The Auction began, and one by one my friends were in the spotlight. Then suddenly it was my turn and I appeared before the audience.
Nextra-terrestrial giraffe being auctioned
Nextra-terrestrial being auctioned!
It is all a bit of a blur in my memory - a few words, the sound of a hammer, and I am to go to a lovely new home! I hope I bring my new owners a lot of happiness ...

Thank you Colchester Zoo for such an amazing Stand Tall summer, thank you Clacton Factory Outlet my sponsors, and thank you all the wonderful friends and visitors who have taken photos of me, hugged me and given me such a nextra-special time! It is so good to know that our auction will benefit such a nexcellent charity as Action For The Wild.
Now I'm looking forward to meeting my new owners and settling in my new home ...
... and on beautiful nights when no humans are around, I and the characters painted on me will continue to come alive and travel through space on our adventures. If you catch sight of us, don't tell anyone!
Nextra-terrestrial giraffe travelling through space - Ingrid Sylvestre
Nextra-terrestrial travelling with the Neckmann characters through intergalactic space
Farewell and Stand Tall!